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We have puppies

News 2017

Time to tot up the year. We have done very well inspite of very limetid showing this year.

2 new champions
SEUCh Whispering Valley Monnet Dream

SEUCh DKUCh Whispering Valley Get Off My Cloud

Big congratulations to his owner Aneth Törnäng

Papillonringens Top ten list
# Ch Whisperinig Valley Monnet Dream - 7 th best veteran

# Whisperinig Valley - 5 th best breeder

# Ch Whispering Valley Get off My Cloud - 8 th in agiliyclass 1

New updates at
DNA-test - Planned litter - Agility/Spikey took a new piont - Whispering Valley Foxy Lady
Males - Bitches

After a fantastic weekend in Backamo we have a new champion Whispering Valley Monnet Dream
Read more on our show site

We have a new Danish champion
Big congratulations to Aneth Törnäng and SEUCh DKUCh Whispering Valley Get Off My Cloud

New pictures on the sitesWhispering Valley Midnight Rambler - Whispering Valley Sky's The Limit - Whispering Valley Northern Star
Whispering Valley Raksha - Whispering Valley Queen Bitch - Whispering Valley Just Perfect - Petitchiens Lemony Flutter

Shownews is updated
New pictures on the sites WV Magic Dream - WV Moonwalk and WV Voodoo

Yesterday Ch Whispering Valley Get Off My Clud won both class 1 agilty and Jump extra small and took two new points.

At the same competition Whispering Valley Sparkling Diamond took a 4:th place in agility small and also took a point
He is now qualified for class 2 in both agility and jump

Shownews, bitches and males are updated

Whispering Valley Starman has his own site now

Shownews from Aaren Switzerland

This day Kristina had to say goodbye to her sweet girl Whispering Valley Fair Play

RIP Dolly

The site Shownews is updated

Whispering Valley Midnight Passion and Whispering Valley Lady Starlight has their own sites now

Today Ch Whispering Valley Get Off My Cloud won agilityclass 1

Big congratulations to his owner Aneth Törnäng

Both Melvin and Spikey has done well these last weekends
Check out the sites Shownews and Agility

Shownews is updated - Brandys site is updated

21/4 was a very sad day since we once again had to say goodbye to one of our girls
RIP Ch-candidate Whispering Valley Good As Gold - our little sunshine is gone

Forever in our Hearts

This weekend Marika lost her Tiffie due to an irresponsible owner with a aggrassive dog.
So unfair - RIP Whispering Valley Tiffon Dream

Today we had to say goodbye to one of the sweetest dogs ever
Toymaker's Olga Made In Heaven

Forever in our Hearts

New updates on planned litter


Now the girls by Rambler x Nike has moved to their new homes

Whispering Valley Midnight Passion - Owner Helen Lidbom Grossby

Whispering Valley Moonwalk - owner Gerd Brolin