We do not have anything for sale now but check out the planned litter site

ere at Whispering Valley Papillons our dogs are both show champions and
performance champions, we will not comprise structure for trend!
We carefully research pedigrees and the health and temperament of the dogs we
use in our breedings.
All our dogs are health tested and certified once they become of age.

If you are interested in a future show, agility or companion please send us details by
mail about yourself and what you are looking for, show, agility or companion

We cannot guarantee from any of our puppies that they will be sure winners!
Bites can unfortunately go wrong when growing.
Also the adult weight may not be the estimated weight at 2-3 months!

If you want a "sure" winner/brood/stud, then you should consider buying an adult dog.

Please include the following information:

- A short presentation of your self and your family
- Your experience of Papillons or other dogs
- Where you live (city, country)
- Contact information (phonenumber & Address)

For more information contact: