About us

I Doris started my career with dogs when got my first Labrador Retriever in 1968. He came from the Swedish Dog Training Centre in Sollefteå. He was trained as a Narcotic detecting dog. After this dog I a bought a Labrador of my own. I did compete with him in Svenska Brukshundklubben. He was trained as an obedience and a tracking dog.

The house in Viskafors

Some of our girls on the stairs to our guesthouse

The dogs by the pool

Silver on his way to his morning swim

Silver in the pool

After a few years my first German Shepherd came to the family. He was trained as a mail carrier dog for the army and also a tracking dog.

I am a Search and Rescue dog instructor and also trainer. I have trained guide dogs, mine-detecting dogs and army-dogs on a professional level.
I am also involved in mental descriptions of dogs.

My husband Sven is also much involved into dogs. For several years he was the director of the Swedish Dog Training Centre in Sollefteå.
In Svenska Brukshundklubben he was responsible of training dogs for the Army and for Rescue work.

He has also been the vice president of IRO (the International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation) since the foundation of the IRO 1993. Because of this he is travelling around the world presenting IRO and training of Rescue dogs. He is also the chairman of the Swedish Papillon Club.

I have been breeding dogs since 1980 at that time it was Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds.

Then one day at a show I saw a little Papillon easily winning first price in obedience class III (highest level). Then I said to my self: Someday I will have a dog like this a Papillon. But it took almost 20 years before I bought Ch Suzzan’s Heather my foundation bitch, a outstanding one and with her came the kennel name Whispering Valley –
the name of the place where I live but in English.

Our first Papillon puppies was born in june 1997.

Doris with one of the pups from our "Magic litter"

Ch Suzzan's Heather our foundation bitch

Doris with the one of the wolfs at Kolmården

My two daughters Monia and Eva-Marie are also part of my kennel. They are helping me in all work in the Kennel.
For instance – when I am going abroad they have all the responsibility of the Kennel

Monia is the one who is doing all the handling of our dogs and she has 5 males at her home.

Monia with her boys Ludde, Magic Rambo and Morris

Monia showing WV Love Me Do (1 CAC)
owner: Susanne Råberg

Monia showing Such, Dkuch
WV Jeanne D'Arc

Monia showing Such, Dkuch
WV Enchanting Dream and
the judge Herbert Heim

Eva-Marie is competing in agility with her bitches Piraya and Tigra. She is also instructor on agility and obedience.

Eva-Marie with Ch WV Piri Piri

Eva-Marie with WV Lille Vicke Vire
Obedience Dog Of The Year 2002

Eva-Marie and Ch WV Piri Piri

Eva-Marie with her girls Tigra and Piraya

Summer 2003 we had a visit from the president of The Korean Papillon Club and owner of Arirang Kennel in Korea.

Mr Guy Seok Jang, Doris and Mr Lim

We have exported dogs to Canada, Denmark, Norway, Korea, Belgium, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Finland,
USA and Portugal

Our main goal is to breed elegant and healthy Papillons with good temperament.

Doris, Monia and Eva-Marie

So far the kennel has bred 20 Champions

SE UCh Whispering Valley Get Off My Cloud (own Aneth Törnäng)

VDH & SE UCh Whispering Valley Wolf Sunrise (Own. Kristina Magnusson)
Bulgarian Champion Whispering Valley Baileys (Own
Marzena Cieszczyk)
SE UCh Whispering Valley EM's Tiger Spirit (Own. Anna Cagner)

Russian Ch, Russian Junior Champion Whispering Valley Thunder
(own. Olga Bleklova)

Russian Ch, Russian Junior Champion Whispering Valley Bear Of Sweden (own. Elena Glushaina)

SE UCh Whispering Valley Magic Michael

SE UCh Whispering Valley Grace Kelly

S Dkuch Whispering Valley Enchanting Dream

S Dkuch Whispering Valley Jeanne D'Arc

Such Whispering Valley Quiz Masters Mind

Such Whispering Valley Ulysses Dream

Such Whispering Valley White Dream

SagChSag(HOPP)Ch, FinAgCh Whispering Valley Piri Piri

Such Whispering Valley Bathsheba

Such Whispering Valley T-Rex (Owner Ulrika A Johansson)

Nuch Whispering Valley I'm A Dream Boy (owner Wenche Arazola)

Dutch Ch C.I.B Whispering Valley Miss Whisper (Owner Petra Aben-Maas)

Lithuanian,Latvian & Russian Junior CH RKF CH Whispering Valley Magic Starshine (owner Ilana Kuliesiene)

Greek Ch Whispering Valley Zodiac (Own. Stella Amiridou)

And 5 Champion canditates:

Whispering Valley Monnet Dream
Whispering Valley Good As Gold
Whispering Valley Wolf Moonbeam (Own. Heidi Nikula)
Whispering Valley Farah Di-Bah (Owner. V. Lemoine, France)
Whispering Valley Exelent X'Evita

Whispering Valley JAB has 1 CAC (Own Anna Cagner)
Whispering Valley Sweet Wendy has 1 CAC (Own. Erica Bolt, Switzerland)
Whispering Valley Love Me Do has 1 CAC (Own Susanne Råberg)

All these dogs mentioned are children, grandchlidren and greatgrandchildern of Ch Suzzzan's Heather

To be continued.................

Welcome to Whispering Valley